Apple Rumoured To Pay $4.5m For

The cloud is going to be big, and it’s a reasonable bet that Apple’s version of the cloud will be… “iCloud”. Especially with rumours Apple recently bought, according to a report on GigaOm, for about $4.5 million in a sale that will no doubt be one of the year’s biggest.According to the report “Until recently, was a domain name and a storage-as-a-cloud service owned by Linkoping, Sweden-based desktop-as-a-service company, Xcerion. Xcerion’s iCloud service has just been rebranded to CloudMe, and the company acquired the domain on April 5, 2011.”In another report, this time from CNET, Apple is going to offer a cloud music service soon that initially will be free of charge for users, but eventually will require a fee of around $20-25 per year.For more information, see: