Apple pushes anti-virus for Macs

Apple has urged Mac owners to use anti-virus software. In a note posted on its support site in late November, Apple said it wanted to “encourage” people to use anti-virus to stay safe online.The move is widely seen as a response to the growing trend among cyber criminals of booby-trapping webpages that can catch out Mac users.Before now Mac users have been largely free of the security problems that plague Microsoft’s Windows. the Mac catch a cold? by Rory Cellan-Jones
Oh dear – even as I write this, I can see the smug smile spreading across the faces of Windows users – and I can hear the clatter of keyboards as thousands of Mac fans compose angry messages. But here we go – Macs are not immune from internet infections, and that’s official.The news came on 21 November when Apple put up a little note on its support site, explaining that “Apple encourages the widespread use of multiple antivirus utilities.” The company did not highlight this warning, and in fact nobody noticed it for some days. Now it’s become a big story, and reignited the row about the respective strengths and weaknesses of Mac and Windows when it comes to security.

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