Apple pays $193m tax in Australia on $27b revenue as Federal Government vows to capture lost taxes

An Australian investigation into the technology company Apple has revealed details on just how many billions of dollars the global giant has shifted in profits around the world to minimize its tax.The Australian Financial Review’s analysis shows that, while Australians have bought $27 billion worth of Apple products since 2002, the company has paid only $193 million to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) – just 0.7 per cent of its turnover. see:Apple moved $8.9bn in profits from Australia to Ireland, report says
Apple has reportedly moved $8.9bn in profits from Australia to Ireland in the past 10 years, sparking renewed calls to curb corporate tax avoidance.The Australian Financial Review has reported that it had obtained documents from Apple Sales International, an Irish company that is at the core of Apple’s tax arrangements, which showed the company’s estimated income from 2002 to 2013. Apple reported pre-tax earnings in Australia that totalled just $88.5m last year, but sent $2bn of income to Ireland via Singapore in the same period, according to the AFR.

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