Apple ordered by German court to change its privacy rules

The iPhone maker can no longer ask for “global consent” to use customer information or tap in to location-based data. But the court ruling applies only to Germany.Apple has to amend its customer privacy policies in Germany following a court ruling issued Tuesday.The Berlin Regional Court found that 8 of the 15 clauses in Apple’s data use policy were invalid because they didn’t comply with German law. Specifically, the company is no longer allowed to request “global consent” to use customer data, which gives it carte blanche to use any information. Further, Apple cannot use location-based data to target specific products and services to consumers based on their location. see:German Court Slams Apple on Privacy
Apple’s customer privacy policies don’t jibe with Germany’s consumer privacy protection laws, and the country wants them changed so that they do.In a Tuesday ruling, the Berlin Regional Court declared eight of the 15 clauses in Apple’s data use policy invalid because they don’t comply with German law, and forbade the company from doing things like asking customers for “global consent” to use their data.

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