Apple manufacturer Foxconn improves on Chinese workers’ hours and safety

Foxconn, Apple’s top manufacturer, has improved safety conditions and cut working hours in an effort to resolve violations at its plants that triggered a global scandal for the iPad and iPhone maker.The Taiwanese company submitted to an audit by an independent group, the Fair Labor Association (FLA), after reports of suicides and abusive conditions at several of its factories in China. see:Apple, Foxconn improve China plants, but more to do – audit
Apple Inc and Foxconn have improved working conditions at Chinese factories that make most of the world’s iPads and iPhones, according to auditors the firms enlisted to monitor the process, but tough tasks lie ahead.The Fair Labor Association said on Tuesday local laws require the companies — which came under fire over conditions at the plants blamed for a series of suicides in 2010 — to reduce hours by almost a third by 2013 for the hundreds of thousands working in Foxconn plants across southern China.

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