Apple Mac 25th Anniversary: The cult of Mac is still going strong

The Apple Macintosh was launched 25 years ago, and laid the foundations for a computing revolutionOn January 24, 1984, during a Super Bowl commercial break, an advert aired that signalled a seismic shift in the history of computing.That advert was Ridley Scott’s acclaimed 1984. And the product it was advertising? The first Apple Mac.It’s hard to believe that a quarter of a century has passed since the first Apple computer has launched. The pace of technological development during the intervening years has been dramatic; the highs and lows of both Apple and the wider technology industry, well documented.’s first Macintosh turns 25
The Macintosh – the first Apple computer to bear the name – turns 25 on 24 January.The machine debuted in 1984 and kicked off a product line that were Apple’s flagship computers for many years.The Macintosh helped popularise the combination of graphical interface and mouse that is ubiquitous today.The machine was unveiled using a hugely expensive TV advert, directed by film maker Ridley Scott and shown during the US Superbowl on 22 January 1984

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