Apple lawsuit claims Nokia copied the iPhone

Apple has hit back at Nokia, as the spat between the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer and its most recent rival becomes increasingly acrimonious.In October, Nokia – which makes almost four out of every 10 mobile phones sold worldwide – sued Apple in the US courts, alleging that its popular iPhone infringes 10 of its patents. The case is unlikely to come to court until the end of 2011.To read this report in full in The Guardian, see: see:Apple Sues Nokia, Claims Infringement for wrongfully using 13 of its patents [Bloomberg]
Apple Inc., maker of the iPod and iTunes music software, said it filed a countersuit claiming that Nokia Oyj is infringing its technology.In the suit filed today in federal court in Wilmington, Delaware, Apple claimed Nokia is wrongfully using 13 of its patents. The claim seeks an order barring Nokia from infringing and for unspecified damages.

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