Apple iPad Domains Begging to be Sold

With the Apple iPad mania peaking as the device is about to go on sale, there are domain name speculators attempting to make money out of it.

Apple iPad related domain names are popping up for sale. Currently eBay has for sale for $60 while a four-pack of iPad-related domains (,, and is available for $4,999 if you are really keen to “buy it now”.

Others available on eBay include with a starting bid of $990, for $1,999.99 and for $50 if you want to buy them now.

Meanwhile over at Sedo, you can find the “ipad” string available for sale for a range of top level domains including .BIZ, .NET, .RU, .EU, .TEL, .CN and many others.

But it seems there is very little interest in the “ipad” domain names currently on offer.