Apple Gives Publishers a Sales Break [Or Apple Gives In To Publishers]

In the tug of war between Apple and publishers over digital media, the balance of power shifted a bit this week to the side of the publishers.On Monday, in an unannounced change, Apple did an about-face on controversial rules that required publishers who sold content or subscriptions in iPhone and iPad apps to offer them through the iTunes App Store, with Apple taking a 30 percent cut. It revised the rules to give magazine, newspaper, music and video publishers more freedom to sell their content directly without going through iTunes. see:Apple Retreats in Publisher Fight
In a reversal, Apple Inc. relaxed its guidelines for digital content sales through its App Store, giving in to publishers and other content owners that had balked at the restrictions.With new sales rules set to kick in June 30, Apple quietly backtracked this week. The changes give newspaper, magazine and video publishers more freedom over how they price and sell their content to owners of Apple’s devices.

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