Apple Gives App Developers Its Review Guidelines

Apple, which keeps a tight lid on its products and inner workings, is loosening up a little.The company said on Thursday that it would relax its rules on how software developers can build applications for its iPhone and iPad. And for the first time it published detailed guidelines explaining how it decides what programs can and cannot be sold through its App Store.To read this New York Times reports in full, see: see:Apple relaxes app developer rules
Apple capitulated to pressure from US antitrust authorities, saying it will give greater freedom to outside developers by letting them ally with competing advertising networks and use programming tools from other companies.The twin reversals revealed on Thursday came amid a probe by the US Federal Trade Commission, which people familiar with the inquiry said had been heading toward filing a lawsuit. climbs down on rules for iPhone apps
An uprising by the software geeks who create apps for the Apple iPhone has forced Steve Jobs, the company’s chief executive, into a rare and humiliating public climbdown. Five months after Apple imposed tough new restrictions on app developers and Mr Jobs posted a 1,600-word justification of the move on its website, the company said it was softening its stance and promised to be more transparent about how it chooses which apps, or programs, to allow on its iPhones, iPods and iPad devices.The U-turn comes after the company attracted scrutiny by regulators and the US Justice Department, and amid complaints that Apple was covertly creating a monopoly and stifling competition. lays App Store rules bare for developers
Apple has said that it will publish the guidelines it uses to determine which programs it will sell in its App Store to appease critical developers.The firm, known for its keen oversight of products, has been the subject of complaints from firms who have had apps blocked from the store.Some developers have complained that the company’s rules seem inconsistent. finally lays out App Store rules – and makes clear it’s still in charge
Apple is still keeping tight control over the universe of programs for the iPhone. But at least it’s shedding a little more light on why some apps make it and others get left out.That’s the net effect of two unexpected moves from Apple on Thursday. First, it repealed a prohibition on developers converting software written for other smartphones to run on its iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Second, it finally documented the hitherto inscrutable rules governing whether a new program will make it into its App Store.

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