Apple faces two EU anti-competition probes

Apple faces two European Commission probes into whether it has broken competition rules.

One investigation centres on iPad and iPhones being limited to installing apps from Apple’s own App Store, among other restrictions imposed on third-party developers.

The other involves Apple Pay, with one issue being that other services cannot use the iPhone’s tap-and-go facility.

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Apple’s App Store Draws Antitrust Scrutiny in European Union
Apple’s App Store helped usher in the smartphone economy, leading to the birth of now-ubiquitous services such as Instagram, Uber and Candy Crush, and providing a transformative new way for people to shop from their phones.

But for companies that wanted to offer their products through Apple’s digital store, there has always been a catch: To reach customers, they had to agree to Apple’s terms and conditions, including sharing certain data with the company and giving it a percentage of any future sales made through the iPhone or iPad app.

Now European regulators are questioning whether Apple’s terms go too far.

Tinder and Fortnite criticize Apple for its ‘App Store monopoly’
Apple faced harsh criticism on Tuesday from regulators and the companies behind some of the most popular apps in its App Store, including Tinder and Fortnite, a sign of the growing discontent with Apple’s grip on the mobile economy.

The companies — Tinder parent Match Group and Fortnite owner Epic Games — each faulted Apple for its long-standing policy of collecting a portion of subscriptions and other purchases made through its App Store, a move the companies say has cut their profits and left consumers paying higher prices.

To read this Washington Post article in full, see:

The Internet’s Most Censored Space
For the free-speech absolutists out there, let me point you to a corner of the digital world that embraces its utter lack of free expression: Apple’s app stores.

Apple accused of ‘hostile’ app fee policies
Apple is facing mounting calls to reconsider its App Store rules, from the creators of the apps themselves.

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