Apple Denies It Rejected Google Application for iPhone

Apple told the Federal Communications Commission on Friday that it did not reject an iPhone application submitted by Google and that it was still studying it, in part because of privacy concerns.Apple was formally responding to a commission inquiry into the reason the Google Voice service, which offers users free domestic telephone calls, deeply discounted international calls and SMS messages, had not been allowed into the Apple iPhone App Store.To read this report from The New York Times in full, see: see:Apple leaves door open to approving Google Voice, albeit a different incarnation
Apple today denied it had rejected the Google Voice app for distribution on its iTunes online store, technically leaving the door open for Google to submit a modified version that would address Apple’s concerns about the app’s look and feel.AppleThe Federal Communications Commission last month asked Apple, Google and AT&T, the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in the U.S., to explain why Google’s app had not been approved by Apple. At the time, many observers denounced Apple for trying to protect its partner, AT&T. denies rejecting Google Voice for iPhone
In responses to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) inquiries about Google Voice, Apple today denied that it has rejected the application, AT&T said it played no part in Apple’s iPhone application review process, and Google asked the agency to redact its answer about Google Voice’s App Store status.One media watchdog group welcomed the FCC’s demand for answers, and said that the replies from Apple and AT&T prove that the two collude in determining which applications make it into the App Store. Lifts the Curtain on App Store Approvals
On Friday, Apple, along with AT&T and Google, filed responses to the Federal Communications Commission’s inquiry into Apple’s rejection of an iPhone application developed by Google.Apple’s letter said that “contrary to published reports, Apple has not rejected the Google Voice application, and continues to study it.” Google’s telephony application, along with several third-party applications that made use of Google Voice, were rejected or not included in the App Store because they interfere with the iPhone’s “core mobile telephone functionality” — specifically, the visual voicemail feature of the device that allows iPhone owners to select which messages they want to listen to or delete.

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