Apple accused of further labour violations: new suppliers ‘even worse’ than Foxconn

Apple is again being accused of contracting work to overseas suppliers guilty of exploitative labour practices. A new report from US non-profit China Labour Watch (CLW) has detailed “at least” 86 labour right violations in three factories operated by the Pegatron Group, a major supplier to Apple.The report explicitly links Apple’s plans to release a cheap iPhone with the “competitive advantage” offered by Pegatron’s “extensive labour violation and suppressed wages.” The alleged breaches violate both Chinese law and Apple’s supplier policy and include poor living conditions, safety violations, and the coercion of workers by withholding pay and ID cards. see:Apple supplier accused of labour violations
A China labour watchdog has accused Pegatron, a big supplier to Apple, of employing underage workers and pressuring employees to work illegal overtime in its factories.In a new report, New York-based China Labor Watch said Pegatron’s factories were “violating a great number of international and Chinese laws and standards as well as the standards of Apple’s own social responsibility code of conduct”. investigates new claims of China factory staff mistreatment
Apple has been accused of benefiting from the exploitation of more than 70,000 Chinese factory workers in conditions described as even worse than those at Foxconn, the supplier hit by employee suicides and accusations of excessive working hours.The iPhone and iPad maker is accused of breaching its promise to improve working conditions after the Foxconn revelations by using another supplier alleged to have broken 86 labour laws, including forcing pregnant women to work 11 hours a day, six days a week, standing up. Group Alleges Abuses at Apple Supplier in China – China Labor Watch Alleges Safety and Pay Issues at Pegatron Plants
A new report from a Chinese workers-rights group alleges labor abuses at a major Apple Inc. contractor the company has been using more as it shifts some work from longtime supplier Foxconn.The report, set to be released on Monday by New York-based nonprofit China Labor Watch, alleges safety and environmental violations; the withholding of worker pay or the identification cards they need to work elsewhere; and poor living conditions at China-based factories owned by Taiwan’s Pegatron Corp. and two subsidiaries.

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