APAC mobile users want lower data roaming charges

When overseas, Asia-Pacific Internet users are predominantly making use of data roaming services for e-mail, online collaboration and messaging via their mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. However, carriers are urged to cut data roaming prices by up to 80 percent to generate higher usage, according to a new ZDNet online survey.Some 68 percent of users polled in the Asia-Pacific region indicated they used data roaming services on their mobile devices during their travels. E-mail, location and mapping, as well as social networking services were the top activities smartphone users accessed when surfing overseas, while tablet and laptop users went online to access e-mail, collaboration, messaging and other Web browsing activities.To read this ZDNet report in full, see:
www.zdnetasia.com/apac-mobile-users-want-lower-data-roaming-charges-62208120.htmAlso see:Survey: is global roaming a rip off?
Practically everyone thinks carriers charge way too much for global roaming and most would like to see costs cut by 60 per cent or more.Last month, ZDNet quizzed 1300 people around the world about their global data roaming habits, a quarter of them from Australia.The vast majority of Australian respondents were customers of Telstra (40 per cent), Vodafone/3 (29 per cent) and Optus (20 per cent), with three quarters on plans that enabled roaming. Of those, about half had used roaming to access data on their smartphones, tablets or laptops while overseas.

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