AP Explains: Gab, where Pittsburgh shooting suspect ranted

A social media service believed to be used by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect to post hateful rants advertises itself as a haven for free speech.

No, not Twitter. The site is Gab, which has become a breeding ground for white nationalists, neo-Nazis and other extremists as more mainstream sites cracked down on hate speech and threats of violence.

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What is Gab, the site used by Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect?
Alleged Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers used the web site Gab.com to express anti-Semitic views. Here is some information about the site, which said it suspended his account and contacted the authorities after the arrest.

– Gab launched in 2016 as a “free-speech” alternative to Twitter. Its founder, Andrew Torba, said existing sites like Twitter and Facebook have a left-leaning monopoly on social media. It allows users to read and write unfiltered messages of up to 300 characters, called “gabs”

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