ANZ takes aim at cyber squatters over use of websites

Following hot on the heels of Dell taking on cybersquatters, an Australian/New Zealand bank with branches in Asia and the Pacific, the ANZ Bank, has also taken action to reclaim two domain names from Asian cyber squatters who used the bank’s name to attract visitors, but made money by selling links to the ANZ’s competitors and pornography reports The Age.One domain name, was registered from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and belonged to “domainer” James D’Souza in Mumbai, India.The sites using the domain names were used to make money from banner ads and sponsored links relevant to financial services. But they did not only link to the ANZ Bank: they also led to the National Australia Bank, GE and St George, other larger Australian banks.”One advertisement, for mobile ringtones, invited visitors to “out-drink Santa” and a search engine on the site led to a page with links to pornography sites. At the time of writing, the site still held content put there by the domainer, despite ANZ winning the right to reclaim the domain,” reports The Age.To read the rest of this story in The Age, see