Any new U.S. Internet rules must withstand lawsuits – FCC chief

U.S. regulators expect Internet service providers to sue the government over any changes in the way they are regulated and must reevaluate any proposals to make sure they stand up in court, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler said at a meeting on Friday.Last week U.S. President Barack Obama said Internet service providers should be regulated more like public utilities to make sure they grant equal access to all content providers. This touched off intense protests from cable television and telecommunications companies and Republican lawmakers. see:FCC chief on net neutrality: ‘The big dogs are going to sue, regardless’
Right now, followers of the net neutrality debate really want to know two things. First, when will the Federal Communications Commission unveil its new rules? And second, how aggressive will they be?FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is refusing to be tied down on either count. But on Friday, Wheeler hinted that he knows the stakes.

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