Antitrust Cry From Microsoft Against Google

The wheel of technology history turns remarkably fast. Microsoft, whose domination of the technology industry provoked a landmark federal antitrust case, is crying foul against Google and urging European Union antitrust officials to go after the search giant.Microsoft plans to file a formal antitrust complaint on Thursday in Brussels against Google, its first against another company. Microsoft hopes that the action may prod officials in Europe to take action and that the evidence gathered may also lead officials in the United States to do the same. see:Microsoft takes on Google with antitrust complaint
Microsoft has upped the ante in its bitter rivalry with Google by filing its first formal complaint to regulators, claiming the search engine giant is restricting competition.The US technology firm on Thursday filed the complaint to the European commission, which announced a formal investigation into Google in November, adding significant weight to the chorus of opposition which has seen complaints to Brussels from mainly small internet sites such as price comparison firm Foundem and Microsoft-owned firm Ciao. Fires Antitrust Complaint Against Google
Adopting the role of hunter after being hunted for years, Microsoft Corp. lodged an antitrust complaint against rival Google Inc. with the same European authorities who last decade fined Microsoft billions of dollars.The Microsoft complaint — its first ever, the company’s top lawyer says — is rich with symbolism about how far the high-tech tides have shifted in a decade, and about how the battle for the lucrative Internet search market is being fought.

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