Another domain name auction site launch

Kioio logoIt almost seems another day, another launch of a domain name auction site. Today’s announcement is of Kioio, based in Colorado. Keep reading for the news release, that includes a few basic tips, announcing its launch…

Colorado Organisation Launches Domain Name Auction Site

Boulder company to create an auction venue to provide liquidity to highly inefficient premium domain name aftermarket.
In the prevailing climate of rising domain name values, owners have nonetheless been plagued by an absence of visibility and liquidity for their names., a Colorado-based company, is creating a unique auction venue to provide greater exposure for the domain holdings of its community and to make it easier for users to sell names valued at $500 or more.

“Owners are crying out for better visibility for their names and for the higher likelihood of a sale.” said Timothy Ovloff, VP of Marketing. “Until now, there was little that owners could do other than to take a free listing on for-sale sites alongside millions of other listings. That’s no real exposure combined with virtually zero chance of a deal.”

With auctions running 365 days a year, Kioio doesn’t charge any upfront fees. Instead, an 8% sales commission is assessed on a successful auction. Unsuccessful auctions can be relisted at no charge.

Third party escrow is also provided for free. Using this service, transactions can be fully finalized in as little as a few days with the cooperation of both parties.

All domain names will be reviewed prior to inclusion. “Far too many domains don’t change hands simply because of the disparity in perceived value between buyer and seller”, Ovloff said. “A reasonable price is an important parameter for us.” Also, domains should be: 1) relatively short, a dictionary word or phrase, easy to remember and spell 2) generic, such as, or 3) a top tier TLD that is product or service related and 4) without potential violation of any third party or trademark rights.

Kioio’s users will enjoy some unique features. Every auction starting at $10,000 or more will contain a detailed ownership history in the domain description. “As a community”, Ovloff said, “we must do what we can to combat domain theft and fraud”. Also, top rated sellers will be assigned dedicated Account Executives for the ultimate in support.

Registration to buy or sell domain names can be done at is a Quarus Domains company and is the publisher of the Kioio 100, an index that measures the historical appreciation in top quality domain names.