Anger over copyright on the internet at New Zealand NetHui

A chorus of IT professionals made a controversial call that copyright had no place on the internet at the inaugural NetHui in Auckland yesterday run by lobby group InternetNZ.Independent adviser Laurence Millar told the conference that “[digital] copyright is dead”.”Trying to mess and improve the way that copyright is operating is trying to prolong something that should be put down,” he said. see:Internet copyright burning issue at NetHui
Copyright was a burning issue from early in the piece yesterday when the country’s internet community met to discuss the issues shaping web use in New Zealand.NetHui, a three-day conference examining online affairs, kicked off in Auckland yesterday and brought together lawyers, economists, entrepreneurs and tech commentators for discussion and debate.There was no shortage of opinion from facilitators and the audience, especially when it came to policing the internet and enforcing copyright. looks to LawCom to tackle “privacy pollution”
The Privacy Commissioner hopes reform of the Privacy Act, sparked by a wide-ranging Law Commission study of privacy, will enable her office to investigate and pursue remedies for “generic” infractions of privacy, without having to wait for clear demonstration of harm to one or more individuals.Commissioner Marie Shroff raised the possibility in the course of a discussion of NZPost’s massive Genius population survey yesterday at the NetHui organised by InternetNZ in Auckland yesterday.

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