Angela Merkel warns US over surveillance in first speech of third term

Angela Merkel has used the first, agenda-setting speech of her third term in office to criticise America’s uncompromising defence of its surveillance activities.In a speech otherwise typically short of strong emotion or rhetorical flourishes, the German chancellor found relatively strong words on NSA surveillance, two days before the US secretary of state, John Kerry, is due to visit Berlin. see:German Leader Criticizes U.S. Over Pervasive Surveillance
Chancellor Angela Merkel took perhaps her sharpest swipe yet at pervasive American intelligence surveillance, saying on Wednesday that Washington had endangered its standing by violating the freedom of the individual, a value for which it is admired abroad.Ms. Merkel, addressing the German Parliament, stressed that the damage wrought was so grave and fundamental that it would not be swiftly overcome. She has promised to visit Washington in the coming months, even as President Obama has signaled willingness to address German concerns and pledged that her cellphone is no longer under surveillance by the National Security Agency.

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