Android has 1bn active users and grand ambitions for cars, wearables and TV

Google’s Android now has more than 1bn active users, nearly double the 530m it had a year ago.The company announced the latest milestone at its I/O developer conference, adding that it has paid out more than $5bn in revenues to Android app developers in the last year alone.It came as Google revealed plans for Android’s latest expansion into wearable gadgets like smartwatches, connected televisions and cars. It also gave developers a peek at the next major update for the Android software, which for now is simply named “L”. see:Google wants to follow you everywhere, from your car to your living room
At Google’s annual developers conference on Wednesday, company executives demonstrated how Google’s Android operating system can work in cars, on televisions and on wearable devices — ensuring that consumers are never more than few moments away from Google.Larry Page, Google’s chief executive, did not appear at this year’s keynote, leaving most of the hosting duty to Sundar Pichai, who runs the firm’s Android and Chrome teams. But Google was clear about its ambitions to take Android beyond the smartphone and the tablet.

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