Analysts blame faults in ‘Great firewall’ for China web outage

A high-level malfunction in China’s internet architecture put as many as two-thirds of the country’s domain websites out of action for several hours this week, hackers and analysts said, though a report on government media blamed the outages on a large-scale cyber attack.Many users were unaware that anything was amiss on Tuesday, when they began to get error messages trying to log on to commonly used websites, as China’s internet infrastructure often struggles to keep up with burgeoning growth and outages are a problem. see:Big Web Crash in China: Experts Suspect Great Firewall
The story behind what may have been the biggest Internet failure in history involves an unlikely cast of characters, including a little-known company in a drab building in Wyoming and the world’s most elite army of Internet censors a continent away in China.On Tuesday, most of China’s 500 million Internet users were unable to load websites for up to eight hours. Nearly every Chinese user and Internet company, including major services like Baidu and, was affected.

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