Analysis of Internet Policies and Civil Rights In Italy, Serbia and Burma-Myanmar: A Technological and Legal Approach by Marcella Atzori, Francesco Aymerich, Gianni Fenu & Simone Surcis [Second International Conference on the Digital Society]

Abstract: This work will be consider the relationship between state authority, Internet policies and civil rights in three countries: Italy (EU), Serbia (Europe) and Burma-Myanmar (Asia). It will provide an overview about the debate existing in these countries, where it is possible to point out a common trend of restrictions of civil rights due to surveillance and control actions of the authorities on the ICTs. If, in the extreme case of Burma-Myanmar, these actions consist in a ban on using the Internet freely for the citizens, in the other countries they create legal contradictions not easily solved, which may prefigure increasing restrictive measures for the future and risks for the e-democracy.

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