Amusing Domain Names Listed in New Book

A new book has listed some of the more amusing domain names registered, although for the registrant it can be quite embarrassing, according to a report in London’s Daily Telegraph. Businesses have naively registered the domain names without realising that when words are combined into a domain name they can be read differently.According to the report, the book lists more than 150 “slurls” or slur URLs. One example the Telegraph gives “is Big Al’s bowling alley in Vancouver, which presumably did not notice when naming its site that ‘I love Big Al’s’ with spaces removed could equally be read as ‘I love bi gals’.”Other slurls include an Australian nursery called Mole Station Nursery with the domain name “molestationnursery”. Upon realising their mistake they changed it to “molerivernursery”.Another example is Pen Island ( “and Les Bocages, a British firm of tree surgeons working in France who are named after the French word for ‘groves’ but also have the unfortunate web moniker ‘lesbocages’.”Powergen Italia however had someone register the domain name “powergenitalia”.Other amusing domain names include:

  • Experts Exchange – a site where programmers can trade advice –
  • La Drape – a British company selling high-end quilted bedspreads –
  • American Scrap Metal – a scrap metal recycling firm –
  • Speed of Art – a collective or art designers –
  • Therapist Finder – a directory for therapy services –

The book is by Andy Geldman and is called Slurls: They Called Their Website What? To read the report in London’s Daily Telegraph in full, see: