American Politicians Suggest Path For ICANN

American politicians, “House Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman joined Communications Subcommittee Chairman Rick Boucher, D-Va., late Tuesday in calling for the creation of a permanent relationship between ICANN … and the Commerce Department.”In a letter “to Commerce Secretary Gary Locke from Boucher, Waxman and eight other Democratic lawmakers”, they have called for an enduring set of principles that “‘will place beyond doubt the value of the current model for managing’ the domain name system and will prevent any one entity from controlling the underpinnings of the Internet.” The proposal provides for periodic reviews of ICANN’s performance and the creation of a mechanism for implementing ICANN’s proposed broad expansion of top-level domains like .com and .biz. The article says Republicans on the Energy and Commerce Committee are said to be preparing their own letter to Locke with recommendations for ICANN’s path forward.According to the Internet Commerce Association, the key points of the letter call for the US to:

  • ensure that the Department of Commerce continues in its present relationship with ICANN
  • provide for periodic review of ICANN’s performance in a number of key areas – including management of existing gTLDs and the implementation of any new ones
  • outline steps to improve ICANN accountability
  • create a mechanism for implementing new gTLDs and IDNs that assures appropriate consultation with stakeholders
  • ensure that ICANN assure timely public access to accurate and complete WHOIS information critical to tracking malicious websites and domain names

include commitments that ICANN will remain a U.S.-based not-for-profit corporation.The full article by CongressDaily is available only by subscription with a longer excerpt available from Tech Daily Dose. For more on this story see:

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