American mobile phone users wary about privacy, says Nielsen

The majority of mobile app users — those who use mobile devices and have used an app in the last 30 days — are cautious about sharing their locations via mobile phone, with the youngest and oldest users showing the most concern for privacy. This research from the Nielsen Company comes on the heels of disturbing revelations about the iPhone’s own location-logging practices.According to Nielsen, 59 percent of female app users and 52 percent of male ones are concerned about location privacy on their mobile devices. Only 8 percent of female users and 12 percent of male users marked themselves as “not concerned” whatsoever, with the remainder being indifferent.To read this ars techica report in full, see: see:Location Apps Generate Privacy Concerns, Report Says
A day after a report that the Apple iPhone and iPad 3G are storing data about users’ locations, a new report from the market research firm Nielsen said many Americans have strong concerns about losing some privacy by using location-based mobile services.Authors of the report said that although some Americans happily engage with a new crop of location-based applications, many “are reticent to share information about their geographic location.”

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