Amazon opposes Google’s plan for world’s biggest online library

The movement opposing Google’s $125m deal for the rights to digitise millions of books has gained even more momentum, after Amazon called the agreement “dangerous”.The internet retailer, which has its own project to scan in books, said in an American court filing that Google’s deal with US publishers and authors represented a dangerous precedent that could damage innovation and hinder copyright law. see:Germany Lashes Out Against Google Books Deal
First, three major U.S.-based companies railed against the Google Books settlement. Now an entire country says nein! The German government filed a complaint in U.S. courts yesterday warning lawmakers that the Google Books deal could have an international impact on copyright law, privacy, and the rights of German authors.In 2005, Google enmeshed itself in a bad scene when it scanned millions of out-of-print works without author permission. The Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers balked, Google coughed up $125 million, and here we are.

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