Amazon May Seem Unstoppable, But Google Is Powering the Counterattack

Back in 1990, other stores still had a chance against Walmart. As recalled in Charles Fishman’s The Wal-Mart Effect, a great history of the rise of the retail giant, it was that year when Walmart surpassed Kmart in sales. It wasn’t until 1992 that Walmart sold more than Sears. But by 2011, Walmart had higher sales worldwide than the combined total sales of the next six biggest retailers: Kroger, Target, Walgreens, Costco, Home Depot and CVS.That year, Amazon ranked 15th on the list of overall largest retailers. Its sales for the past year, however, are likely to bump it to at least number seven in the rankings, ahead of CVS, and just a few billion behind Target. Amazon is bigger than Lowe’s, Best Buy, Safeway, Macy’s and Rite Aid, not to mention Kmart and Sears (now both part of the same company). Some Wall Street analysts believe Amazon’s sales could yet triple by 2016, which would make Walmart and Amazon the only two true rivals in retail.

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