Amazon, Google and Microsoft Employee AI Ethics Are Best Hope For Humanity

Artificial Intelligence can seem like it is improving at an often alarming rate but the reality is often less glamorous. Slow improvements and long paths to success. Despite this, we often see stories that depict giant leaps and dystopian futures. Despite significant progress, we are nowhere near the singularity, Matrix or Terminator images used to illustrate reality. AI can be helpful, but this doesn't mean AI can't cause more significant problems than it solves either. In fact, it's causing employees to quit and stop working on projects until the employer changes the policy – in some cases successfully and time will tell in others. These employees aren't MIT or a Think Tank in Switzerland they are companies you use every day…Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Google recently lost the 'Don't be Evil' from its Code of Conduct documents but what were once guiding words now appear to be afterthoughts, and they aren't alone. From drone use to deals with the immigration services, large tech companies are looking to monetise their creations and who can blame them – projects can cost double digit millions as companies look to maintain an edge in a continually evolving marketplace. Employees are not without a conscience it seems, and as talent becomes the one thing that companies need in this war, that power needs to wielded, or we risk runaway train scenarios. If you want an idea of where things could go read this.

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