Allegations Fly at Registerfly

Allegations Fly at RegisterflyBusiness Week gives a background on Registerfly, describing them as not being a very big company, but that an extremely ugly falling out between the owners of the registrar “is causing a major headache for 200,000 site owners who registered their sites through it.” The article notes the company’s problems have “brought a hail of criticism down on” ICANN and that customers of Registerfly “complain in online forums that ICANN waited too long to intervene in a dispute that has left the company’s status — and some domain names — in flux.” Regarding ICANN, the article notes “ICANN first became aware of problems at a year ago, when customers began complaining about poor service. But it wasn’t until Feb. 21 that ICANN filed notice with that it would remove accreditation if it didn’t straighten out accounts. The company has until Mar. 14 to comply. Paul Levins, ICANN’s vice-president for corporate affairs, says the organization has no authority to regulate a registrar’s customer-service performance, but could act only when it learned three months ago that accounts were being deleted. ‘If they continue to behave this way, and don’t cure the breaches, we’ll take the accreditation away,’ he says.”

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