Alberta premier may not win domain name dispute

The recent story on the Alberta premier’s decision to send a letter to a young cybersquatter, David Cournoyer, in Canada to get the domain name,, back may backfire according to Canadian internet legal expert Michael Geist. Our earlier story is available here.Mr Geist “defends critics who use the domain names of people they’re criticising” according to a CNews report.”We’ve seen other cases at the federal level: Don Boudria, David McGuinty, both found their domains registered by the Defend Marriage Coalition, an opponent of same-sex marriage, when they were in favour of it,” Mr Geist said.Mr Geist believes registrants such as Mr Cournoyer would be successful under CIRA’s dispute resolutions policy that allows for good faith criticism, even when there are some deceptive qualities.”The current registrant could mount the argument that he is using the name for good-faith criticism even if someone is deceived when they go to it,” says Mr Geist in the report.To read the full report, see

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