After McColo takedown, spam surges again

Spammers have regrouped and are finding ways to send more junk mail despite recent efforts by security experts.Spam levels dropped by almost half when rogue ISP (Internet service provider) McColo was taken offline in November. But some new botnets and even older ones are churning out more spam. rises 150 per cent in two months
The number of junk e-mails being sent to computer users around the world has risen more than 150 per cent in two months, as spammers fight back against efforts to shut them down.In November, the level of spam junk emails fell dramatically after the plug was pulled on McColo Corp, an American Company accused of providing the gateway for much of the world’s junk emails. Finds Spam Volume Bouncing Back
Spam volume rose 25% in 2008 compared with the amount recorded in 2007, Google said Monday.”Spam threats rose visibly in 2008, reflecting the overall trend of rising attacks,” said Amanda Kleha, a member of the Google message security team, in a blog post. “Even with the drop in November 2008, spam levels climbed 25% over 2007. Our statistics show that the average unprotected user would have received 45,000 spam messages in 2008 (up from 36,000 in 2007). All indicators suggest this trend will continue as virus, malware, and link-based attacks become both more frequent and more ingenious.”

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