Africa’s liaison to ICANN: Outreach is under way

ICANN logoAnne-Rachel Inne, Africa’s regional liaison ICANN was interviewed during the Highway Africa conference in South Africa by Computerworld Kenya. Inne says there are so few African countries participating in ICANN activities because “people don’t have the means to go to international meetings”, however this problem is not unique to Africa. It’s a problem of all African countries.

“Another issue may come from the nature of the organization — ICANN is not an intergovernmental [body], and government officials must receive formal invitations and explain what ICANN is before they are allowed to go.”

Inne is also asked why business appears not to be interested. She says “maybe just because they ignore the benefits of participating” and that possibly those who could be interested come from the mobile phone industry, and ICANN doesn’t come to mind when they go to conferences.

Lastly Inne is asked about criticisms of ICANN “for not helping in the redelegation of their” ccTLD and whether “ICANN tried its best?” Inne says this comes about because “there is a lot of confusion over what ICANN can do or can’t do.” She concurs “with a recent view by Vika Mpisane, [of the] Africa TLD organization, who noted that half of African ccTLDs are having issues. They are not being run properly because of administrative and technical management issues or internal fights on who has the right to oversee the TLD.”

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