African Union Endorses .AFRICA

The African Union has publicly endorsed the DotAfrica project that has as its aim to build the Africa brand and encouraging increased participation on the Internet, according to a report in the Ethiopian Review.

The endorsement may not be new, with a letter expressing the support of the African Union being dated 27 August, 2009, on the DotConnectAfrica website.

However in the article this week Sophia Bekele, executive director of DotConnectAfrica, said this is expected to boost regional integration and benefit the business community.

“The introduction of DotAfrica will create an attractive regional home for the pan-African Internet community. This will be the first sponsored registry to be operating from Africa and therefore serving the specific needs of its communities,” said Bekele.

The African Union is a pan-African organisation representing 53 African states both within the continent and throughout the world.

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