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Afnic welcomes the green light for the .bzh and .paris New gTLDs

Dot Paris Dot BZH logo[news release] The two applications, the first in the opening of New Top-Level Domains (New gTLDs), obtained ICANN’s approval on Friday May 10.

ICANN has assessed more than 1,900 applications for New gTLDs over the last year. On Friday May 10, the applications for the .bzh and .paris projects were accepted. The approval represents a key step in these projects since it confirms the agreement in principle for the applications for the .bzh New gTLD and for the .paris New gTLD. In the coming months each project must pass various technical tests and sign the registry agreement with ICANN before the domains become actually visible on the Internet. Meanwhile, the preparations for the commercial launch of the two New gTLDs will soon start to build up.

The .bzh and .paris TLDs are two of the 17 projects for New gTLDs that Afnic has backed as a technical registry operator.

In reaction to the news, Mathieu Weill, CEO of Afnic, stated:

“These two projects are emblematic because they are pioneers on the national and international level. They have played a leading role for several years, as a community project in the case of the .bzh New gTLD on the one hand, and as a project for one of the world’s top capitals in the case of the .paris New gTLD on the other. We are extremely pleased that the quality of their work has been recognized in this way by ICANN’s approval and are proud to serve their respective communities.”

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