Afnic Updates .FR Registry Lock

Afnic have announced changes to the Registry Lock for .fr that are intended to speed up adoption of the service.

There are four major changes announced:

  • a 24/7 service even easier to use, and an authentication process which speeds up interactions between contacts
  • the use of dual authentication, which strengthens the security process even further
  • batch locking and unlocking: all or some domain names associated with the owner can be locked and unlocked during the same application
  • registration of authorised contacts for locking and unlocking operations in a “directory”. This list of advisors and trusted contacts is checked upstream by AFNIC’s customer representatives.

Afnic launched their Registry Lock for .fr in 2015. A Registry Lock provides peace of mind for businesses, in particular that their domain name is made much more difficult to hijack, if not nigh on impossible providing their details are kept up to date.

With the Registry Lock operational, any changes to the ownership of the domain name cannot be made without authorisation from the registrant, which must be verified by Afnic with the coordination of the registrar.

Only a handful of .fr registrants have chosen to take advantage of the Registry Lock domain names. Currently only 350 domains are locked in this way out of 3.4 million, but this number is up from 216 as of December 2018.

A fee is charged by the registrant’s registrar, but this is quite small for business and very small if a domain name is hijacked and used for nefarious purposes and can lead to a loss of business and trust among customers.

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