AFNIC Reports .FR Domains Grow 25% in 2009

AFNIC, the registry for .FR (France) and .RE (Reunion Island), have published the 2009 edition of the French Domain Name Industry Report. Highlights of the report are the 1.5 millionth .FR domain name was registered in September of this year and that despite the global financial crisis, registrations grew 25 per cent year-on-year.Other highlights were .FR domain names now account for one-third of all domain names registered in France, a figure that is growing rapidly following the liberalisation of policies in recent years and a doubling of registrations since 2006.The secondary market for .FR domains is also growing with the report showing a rise of 35 per cent in the total number of .FR domain name transactions year-on-year although the average price was still quite low – around €12 before VAT.The use of IPv6 addresses is also growing with around five per cent of .fr names support IPv6 for DNS servers and two per cent for the webservers, although the proportion for email servers is lower.To register your .FR domain name, check out Europe Registry here.