AFNIC Report on IPv6 Released; IPv6 Team Developed

AFNIC logo[news release] With only a few weeks to go before IPv6Day, scheduled for 8 June 2011, AFNIC is taking action by publishing a special report on IPv6. It is also setting up a dedicated IPv6 team for the web community to benefit from its expertise in this area. Read on for more information.

AFNIC has published a special report on IPv6. The ten-page file contains several diagrams and is backed by sound references. This special report:

  • puts the phenomenon of IPv4 address exhaustion into context,
  • details the issues surrounding this phenomenon and the unavoidable migration from IPv4 to IPv6,
  • concisely highlights the advantages of IPv6, outlines the roles of the various network stakeholders and describes communication models that must take IPv6 integration into account,

provides practical recommendations to support IPv6 deployment in the field.

Download the report entitled “IPv6: passport to the Internet of tomorrow”

AFNIC has been prepared for IPv6 integration for ten years. Today, it wants to share its experience with the largest possible audience. So for IPv6Day next 8 June, AFNIC is going to give the web and research community access to a specially created team. You can reach them on The team of AFNIC experts will strive to answer in the shortest delay all questions and queries relating to this vital issue.

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