AFNIC Publishes First Score on Syreli, A Monthly Statistics Publication

Afnic, the registry for .FR domain names along with a number of other French territories, has published its first Scope, the first of what they say will be regular publications of statistics on rulings handed down along with other key facts and figures.

The purpose of Scope on Syreli (Syreli is what Afnic is calling their dispute resolution system) is to summarise the procedure’s data and disseminate them as widely as possible. From now on, each month, new statistics and graphics will be posted on the Afnic website, in particular on:

  • the number of rulings handed down
  • the outcome of the procedures (the distribution of rulings, the number of court cases, etc.)
  • the legal status of the claimants and holders (the types of litigation, remedies sought, country of origin of claimants, etc.)
  • the length of time the domain name had existed when the Syreli complaint was filed.

And from November onwards, Scope on Syreli will focus on the key figures for the previous month.

Syreli, the Afnic dispute resolution system, was launched in November 2011 for domain names with the .FR and .RE extensions. As of 6 December, it also applies to the .TF, .YT, .PM and .WF ccTLDs.

The first Scope is published below:

Afnic Syreli Sept 2012 Infograph