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[news release] To bolster registrar support for the major changes that are quickly approaching, AFNIC is organising a special information day on 21 November in Paris.

As the year draws to a close, registrars are preparing for many exciting changes: the opening of .fr and other AFNIC-operated TLDs to Europe, the implementation of the accreditation application process, and the launch of the new dispute resolution system, Syreli. To fully support Registrars in these changes, AFNIC is organising a special information day on 21 November 2011. The day will feature both a theoretical and a practical component.

The information day will be held in French, but there will be a presentation in English on 29 November.

Designed in particular for the technical and legal departments of registrars, this special information day will provide information and discussion opportunities on:

  • the new registrar accreditation process which was launched on 3 November: background of the process, guide, etc.
  • the implementation of the new dispute resolution system (Syreli): how it works, new features of the platform, etc.
  • the opening of .fr and other AFNIC-operated TLDs to Europe: from 6 December 2011 onwards, the extensions .wf (Wallis and Futuna), .tf (French Southern and Antarctic territories), .re (Reunion Island), .pm (St. Pierre and Miquelon), and .yt (Mayotte) operated by AFNIC will be subject to the same registration rules as the .fr TLD.
  • Current projects: IDN, DNSsec, DAS, multi-registries, etc.

The day””””s proceedings will be held exclusively in French. For English-speaking representatives we shall be holding a conference call on Tuesday 29 November from 14:00 to 17:00 (GMT + 1) during which we shall address the issues involved in opening various TLDs to Europe and in accreditation.

9h15: Opening the .fr TLD to Europe and overseas extensions
10h15: Registrar accreditation
11h15: Syreli, the new Dispute Resolution System
11h45: DNSsec at AFNIC
12:30: Lunch at the “Fermette Marbeuf”
2:00/2:30: two simultaneous workshops:
the GTT (Technical workshop)
Situation report on the services launched in 2011
Opening the .fr TLD to Europe and overseas extensions
Coming services
Round table
Registrar projects DNSsec, Europe, overseas extensions, DAS, IDN, multi-registries.

Practical workshop on the accreditation application process and demonstrations of the “My Afnic” web interface

Eurosites – George V, in the “Milan” plenary hall, 28 avenue George V, 75008 Paris.

To register, please click here.

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