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Afnic Launches a consultation about a new alternative dispute resolution process

AFNIC logo[news release] Afnic is launching a public consultation about setting up an alternative dispute resolution procedure, in conjunction with WIPO.

As part of its assignment to provide a dispute resolution system that is accessible and balanced for right holders and holders of domain names, Afnic wants to set up an additional procedure based on the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO Center).

Afnic already has an internal procedure for dispute resolution called SYRELI. The new procedure, which is designed to provide an additional means of redress for claimants, enabling arbitration decisions to be handed down based on independent experts.

In order to illustrate the progress already made, and to collect your opinions and suggestions concerning the future dispute resolution procedure, Afnic is opening the project to public consultation for 22 days from March 11 to midnight on April 2, 2013. These discussions will allow you to express your opinion on the rules for selecting experts, on how they should exercise their responsibilities and on the rules of conduct applicable to them.

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