.APPLE’s Backend Registry Provider, Afilias, Slaps Apple Over Antitrust

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An interesting news observation. As possible antitrust investigations into four of the biggest tech companies are discussed, this week MarketWatch reported how “some big names in videogaming could speed up things” including Fortnite, which they note “is one of the initial conclusions of legal experts and developers following Epic Games Inc.’s lawsuits against Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google for booting Epic’s hit videogame Fortnite out of their app stores Thursday.”

“Fortnite’s ouster came after Epic publicly announced an offer for players to receive a discount on in-game purchases if they paid Epic directly,” reported MarketWatch.

One of those quoted was Ram Mohan, chief operating officer of domain-name registrar Afilias Inc, and Afilias is the backend registry provider for .apple! According to Mohan “Epic’s size and market influence just might be the impetus to ramp up antitrust investigation.”

“Clearly, for the first time, there is a company that has the ability to challenge the rules that Apple and Google have created,” Mohan told MarketWatch. “Smaller companies can’t do that. Ironically, it takes big tech to take on Big Tech.”

So what next? It will be interesting to see whether Apple take exception to Mohan’s public statement and puts the future of their backend registry business up for grabs. There would be plenty of interested parties should such a high-profile company wish to look for another registry provider. And who knows, maybe the astute sales executives in the domain registry industry are already making calls and trying to open doors to win new business for their company.

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