Afilias Relaunches .GREEN

Afilias dotGREENAfilias, a leading domain registry operator, announces the relaunch of the .GREEN TLD. .GREEN (dotGreen) celebrates the global green movement by providing a space that helps organizations and individuals show their support for green principles.  The relaunch includes a new logo, new websiteand more activity designed to build awareness and accelerate adoption.

Those interested in learning more about the .GREEN TLD are invited to visit  This new website promotes the use of .GREEN and highlights sites from registrants who are already using the new TLD. These include: (International platform for architects, engineers, scientists and the building industry); (Nuterra’s team of wastewater–biosolids and organic waste– professionals has a 100% project success track record in designing, building, and servicing projects); (which is “on a mission to create a more sustainable future for generations to come”) and (ETHOS: GREEN POWER SIMPLIFIED)

Estimated at more than $5 trillion, the green marketplace can now use .GREEN addresses for products, companies, organizations and individuals who want to express their support for green initiatives across the planet. Many companies and organizations today have undertaken their own programs to become greener – using less energy, contributing less waste, and doing more recycling. Many provide products and services that are specifically designed to do something in a greener manner, and these are marketed under a green positioning. .GREEN is the new Internet address that helps them express that support on the Internet.

“We are grateful for the support of Green community so far and look forward to serving more members going forward,” said Roland LaPlante, chief marketing officer of Afilias. “Internet users are increasingly searching online for green solutions, be it products, services, vacations, housing, etc. With trillions of dollars being invested in “green projects” and millions of people changing their habits, this is the TLD that will make it easier to find green solutions online.”

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