AEIOU.COM and announce partnership

[news release] AEIOU.COM, the leader in selling custom web design for the domain industry and beyond announced today a temporary partnership with DigiLoan, Inc a company that has traditionally only loaned funds on domain purchases.

“AEIOU.COM a sister company of have just had one of those ‘on yeah’ moments”, said company president Rick Latona.

Ryan Steel, the partner that runs AEIOU.COM said, “It’s such an obvious marriage that we have to give it a try. Even relatively small investments can be hard for some of our customers to pay for out of today’s cash flow. If we build them something that can make them more money today that they can pay for over time it could really be a game changer for them.”

As of this release AEIOU.COM plans to offer the service only through the end of August. They have said that should things go according to plan they will extend it but there are no guarantees.

Interested clients should fill out the form on for more information.

About AEIOU.COM –, LLC is a full service web development firm focused on building business based websites. Using an assembly line format they quickly develop full websites while keeping the costs low for both the company and their customers.