Advertising recovery boosts Australia’s ‘old media’

Traditional media outlets have held on to their share of advertising spending in the face of the new media onslaught, and in fact are on the threshhold of a new revenue cycle, according to new data.As analysts upgrade their forecasts and share prices surge, the figures further support the growing view that Australia’s “old media” businesses, like the broader economy, are emerging from the global financial crisis in considerably better shape than their overseas counterparts, particularly in the US.,28124,26258002-7582,00.htmlAlso see:Australian press dusts itself off
Don’t believe everything you read. After months of bad news about the domestic newspaper industry, it appears observers of the “dead tree” media are changing their story.Six months ago worse than expected first-half results led analysts to cut share price targets for local media companies and warn that advertising revenues might not revive till 2012.,28124,26258029-7582,00.html

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