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US Advertising Body Rants Again Against Coming New gTLDs

They ignored the planning for the introduction of new gTLDs for years. But the Association of National Advertisers has been shaken from its torpor in the last year or so, constantly complaining and saying the end of the world will be nigh if more gTLDs are introduced.The latest complaint from the US-based organisation that represents some of the globe’s largest advertisers jumps on the back of a Verisign report and a letter from PayPal to ICANN saying new gTLDs are not ready to be implemented.The Verisign report outlined a number of areas of “work that is currently not done, and should be completed before any new gTLDs can be deployed in a safe and secure manner.”And the PayPal letter also highlights “significant security issues [that] related to delegating gTLDs that are currently in wide use as de facto, private TLDs as identified by the ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee.”The ANA complaint refers to ICANN moving “relentlessly forward toward the April 23rd launch date, while ignoring the concerns voiced by those within and outside ICANN’s own operations.”The ANA complains that “ultimately, ICANN’s premature launch of gTLDs will yield cybersquatting and phishing, among many other cybercrime threats that jeopardise brand and consumer protections. Adequate steps have not been taken to protect Internet users, and we are headed toward uncharted waters with major danger to consumers, brandholders, and the Internet itself. The only prudent action for ICANN now is to delay this arbitrary domain name roll-out until it has fixed these very serious problems.”It is hard to take the ANA complaints seriously given they almost totally ignored participating in the years of planning that went into the introduction of new gTLDs. And when they finally awoke to their introduction, the ANA had to be reminded they had actually made one submission in the process. I guess one is better than none.