Advertisers admit it: ‘We messed up’

As countless iPhone users have flocked to ad-blocking technology to try to escape from slow-loading, insecure online advertisements, a top trade group for advertisers is apologizing for having “messed up” the Web.The systems that allowed marketers to track and target advertisements “have slowed down the public internet and drained more than a few batteries,” Scott Cunningham, senior vice president of technology at the Interactive Advertising Bureau, wrote in a blog post. “We were so clever and so good at it that we over-engineered the capabilities of the plumbing laid down by, well, ourselves.” see:Online ad industry, battling ad blockers, admits it messed up [IDG]
From one perspective, it could be argued that the online advertising industry is getting what it deserves. After years of having Web pages stuffed with ads, surfers are increasingly blocking them with free tools.The other perspective is that ads, like them or not, pay people to create content, which other people like on the Web. Since finding paying subscribers is hard, ads are a key source of online revenue for publishers.

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