Adobe’s row with Apple over Flash technology escalates

Adobe has launched its latest salvo in an ongoing dispute with Apple.The co-founders of Adobe have published an open letter in which they say that Apple threatens to “undermine the next chapter of the web”.The software firm has also started an adverting blitz in newspapers and on popular technology news sites.To read this BBC News report in full, see: see:Adobe hits back at Apple in Flash war
Adobe Systems is hitting back at Apple in the technology companies’ war over web video formats, with an advertising campaign and a letter from its founders.Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, has criticised Adobe’s Flash technology – a crucial tool for displaying video and interactive content – following the launch of his iPad tablet computer this year. fights Apple with pro-Flash ad campaign
Adobe Systems may not have a chief executive with Steve Jobs’ high profile, but it does have money. And on Thursday it began spending some of it on an effort to rebut the Apple CEO’s crticisims of Adobe’s Flash technology.The campaign includes a Web site promoting choice, an accompanying “truth about Flash” page rebutting some Apple criticisms, and a letter from Adobe co-founders Chuck Geschke and John Warnock that brings a personal answer to Jobs. They don’t mention Jobs or or Apple by name, but there’s no mistaking the target. escalates feud with Apple over Flash
Adobe today countered recent attacks by Apple against its Flash technology with a Web-based ad campaign and an open letter written by the firm’s co-founders.The letter , written by Chuck Geschke and John Warnock, who currently serve as co-chairs of Adobe’s board of directors, mentions Apple by name only once, but is clearly written as a response to Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ anti-Flash fusillade of two weeks ago.

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