97% of registrars satisfied with the quality of Afnic services

AFNIC logo[news release] Afnic reveals the major trends of its annual survey on the quality of its services.

Afnic has renewed its annual survey on the quality of its services, carried out by the INIT company, in which 137 registrars participated at the end of 2012.

Regarding Afnic’s quality of service and public image, the survey indicated:

  • A net increase in Afnic’s overall satisfaction rating: it increased from around 7.4/10 in 2011 to 8/10 in 2012;
  • An overall satisfaction level of 97% (against 92% in 2011);
  • That the Registry for the .fr TLD is perceived as an organization that is:
– professional for 97% of the respondents
– efficient for 96% of the respondents;
– Customer-focused for 92% of the respondents.

Major Afnic strengths highlighted by the registrars included:

  • The Customer service (phone, mail or account managers) including every feature (quality of response, time, availability of account managers) was very popular with an overall score of 9.4/10;
  • particularly suitable registration interfaces;
  • The quality of information available to registrars on the Afnic site: the satisfaction on this point was 90% in 2012 against 77% in 2011.

The survey highlighted the following areas for improvement:

  • On-going progress in terms of ergonomics and ease of finding information on the Afnic website;
  • Better interfaces for of non-automated operations in terms of ergonomics while maintaining effective controls;
  • Better integration of customer diversity.

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